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World Cup Competition

World Cup Competition

Instructus Markets will have many competitions over the next few weeks to celebrate the World Cup. The winners of each competition will receive a FREE course.

We will be publishing daily questions on Facebook until the start of the World Cup. Send in your answers to We will pick the top 4 answers and draw a team for each winner from one of the World Cup groups. We will start with Group A on Wednesday 4th June. The winner of the world cup will receive a FREE course.

Throughout the World Cup we will have more exciting competitions to win FREE courses. Please follow us on Facebook for updates.

Group A winners and team allocations

Theo Vervelle - Brazil

Will Veljovic - Croatia

Jamie Waterhouse - Mexico

Jayanth Srikanthaaj - Cameroon

Group B winners and team allocations

Sandra Mitkute - Spain

Daniel Borup - Netherlands

Mariyan Dimitrov - Chile

Amaan Sadiq - Australia

Group C winners and team allocations

Julia Gibson - Colombia

Jasper Clouting - Greece

Sam Norris - Ivory Coast

Rachel Smith - Japan

Group D winners and team allocations

Stuart Hawthorne - Uraguay

Matthew Hpa - Costa Rica

Lawrence Colgan - England

Mata Kadusauskas - Italy

Group E winners and team allocations

Jaimin Shah - Switzerland

Fangzhou Xu - Ecuador

Alexandra Borovik - France

Samed Hysa - Honduras 

Group F winners and team allocations

Ed Thomson - Argentina

Darren Saint - Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mel Thomas - Iran

Emma Olney - Nigeria

Group G winners and team allocations

Emily Field - Germany

Oliver George - Portgual

Catherine Johanson - Ghana

James Gilliam - USA

Group H winners and team allocations

Joanne Penzer - Belgium

Colin Stirling - Algeria

Jessica Mitchell - Russia

Millie Cleabell - Korea Republic

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The Team

Graham Smith

Graham began his career as a trader at Smith Barney in 1996 before joining Citigroup as Managing Director of European trading and subsequently Unicredit as Global Head of Trading and Sales Trading. Graham now runs Trafalgar Capitals Pan European hedge fund, with whom Instructus are in partnership. Read more

Giles Johnston

Giles began his career on the Stock Exchange floor in 1986, trading for Nat-West markets. Following this he joined Deutsche Bank and then Citigroup where he was Managing Director responsible for Energy trading. Read more

Paul Thompson

Paul has over 30 years' experience in the UK, European and global equities markets as an investment analyst, equity salesman and senior manager. His career has included periods as Head of Institutional Clients at HSBC Investment Bank, COO of EMEA Equities at Citigroup and, latterly, as Deputy CEO of Oriel Securities, the independent UK equities stockbroker. Read more

Nick Gardner

Nick graduated from Edinburgh University in 2010 with a degree in business and finance. He joined Unicredits equity team later that year where he was fast tracked to trading his own sector at the age of 25. Read more

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