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Capital Markets Careers Course

Our easy to understand one day course.

The primary objective of The Capital Markets Career Workshop is to enhance the employability prospects of all course participants who intend to pursue a career in finance.

We achieve this objective by ensuring that participants have a full understanding of the structure, components and functions of capital markets so that they are able to make informed decisions about which specific career path they should pursue and can discuss current financial issues with confidence during the application and interview process conducted by investment banks.

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Technology Careers in Investment Banking 2-day Masterclass

Our Technology Careers in Investment Banking 2-day Masterclass covers the major capital markets activities and introduces students to the roles, functions and departments within the technology organisation of investment banks.

For any prospective graduate or internship applicant looking to embark on a career in the sector, this is an invaluable course, equipping you with the knowledge required to succeed in a highly competitive graduate recruitment market.

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3 Day Finance Career Launchpad

This years most popular course. Increase your chances of a career in the finance industry

The Instructus 3 Day Financial Careers Launchpad is an intensive and comprehensive program designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills needed to optimise their chances of securing employment in investment banking or the wider financial services industry.

The course covers the components and structures of investment banks, the functions of capital markets (including trading dynamics and technique) and the professional skills required to impress at interview and in your subsequent career. The Financial Career Launchpad is highly recommended for anyone considering a career in finance.

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Capital Markets Careers and Trading Course - 5 Days

We have teamed up with Coleman London, a proprietary trading firm based in the City of London. We will combine our 3-day Finance Careers Launchpad with 2 days spent in the Coleman London dealing room, experiencing first hand how to trade live markets from professional traders.

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Professional Mentoring and Coaching

From a current Fund Manager news, views and comments on corporate and stock market issues, ensuring that you are fully informed and briefed about whats happening in the markets right now.

All the key information from world markets and business to prepare you for interviews and applications.

We will coach and advise you on career planning and help update your CV.

Information drawn from our own direct access to global stock markets, traders and investors.

Advice on careers, graduate training courses, applications and interviews.

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“Very informative presentation. Lots of real examples included. Personable presenters ready to explain different aspects of equity investing and portfolio management.”

- Student, Bath University

The Team

Graham Smith

Graham began his career as a trader at Smith Barney in 1996 before joining Citigroup as Managing Director of European trading and subsequently Unicredit as Global Head of Trading and Sales Trading. Graham now runs Trafalgar Capitals Pan European hedge fund, with whom Instructus are in partnership. Read more

Giles Johnston

Giles began his career on the Stock Exchange floor in 1986, trading for Nat-West markets. Following this he joined Deutsche Bank and then Citigroup where he was Managing Director responsible for Energy trading. Read more

Paul Thompson

Paul has over 30 years' experience in the UK, European and global equities markets as an investment analyst, equity salesman and senior manager. His career has included periods as Head of Institutional Clients at HSBC Investment Bank, COO of EMEA Equities at Citigroup and, latterly, as Deputy CEO of Oriel Securities, the independent UK equities stockbroker. Read more

Nick Gardner

Nick graduated from Edinburgh University in 2010 with a degree in business and finance. He joined Unicredits equity team later that year where he was fast tracked to trading his own sector at the age of 25. Read more

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